The World of Boosting and Racing

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TurboFreakz will soon be beginning to do interviews with typical everyday drivers who have a car that's special or unique. The interview will be recorded via video camera, pending a signature on a form stating that any participants be willing to allow TurboFreakz to use the footage of the vehicle and of the participant themselves. The interview will basically start off with just an outside look at the car. When in a TurboFreakz interview, you'll want to walk around your car, showing us any cool gadgets or unique features your car may have; whether they be performance or appearance modifications. After that, you'll just give us some basic information on the car, maybe how much horsepower it pulls, what type of class it'd be considered [drift, muscle, tuner, import, ricer, etc]. After that, the suggested is to give us history on the car, how long you've owned it, and how you take care of it and make sure it's performing at it's top. Afterwords, we do the initial tour of the inside of your vehicles. All things are generally noted and explored. From how comfortable the seats are to sit in to the type of gear knob you have. Basically, show us any improvements you have inside of the car. Radio/Sound improvements, computer upgrades, after-market add-on features, etc. Once we've gone over the basis of what you have going on inside of the car, we'll then commence in the test drive part of the interview. We'll bring a camera along in the passenger seat with you while you get the chance to drive around for a moment on the camera, give us a chance to catch a few extra takes and cuts to add in, etc. This would also be a good time to give us any additional information about the vehicle that you may want to. Also, being that it's the driving portion, if your car is unique due to the fact it's just speedy or if it's got a turbo, or whatever it is, show us. Give us a chance to see what your vehicle is capable of.

The point of this interview may seem 'pointless', but it really does have a purpose. The idea of the interview is to explore the different vehicle types that people use on the road most commonly these days and review the car itself. Then, there's the aspect of showing the improvements that are added into these cars that make them the amazing beasts that they are. It gives others a chance to watch the interview to perhaps even help them decide on a car they'd like to get in the future.
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